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Allez de l'avant et mettez le feu au monde Allez de l'avant et mettez le feu au monde Allez de l'avant et mettez le feu au monde Allez de l'avant et mettez le feu au monde Allez de l'avant et mettez le feu au monde

5 wardrobe essentials for a chic 2022 photo shoot

Jeans, jeans, jeans!


A good ole' pair of denim jeans is the all-time, MOST essential item to include in your next photoshoot wardrobe. Denim is timeless, but picking the right cut and style can keep you on trend! Opt for a pair of mom jeans to be on the cutting edge of 2023 style.

Full length dress with flowy skirt


Not only are prairie dresses totally in style, they also create romantic images full of movement. I tell my clients to make meaningful outfit changes (i.e. don't swap a white sweater for a beige one) and a great way to do that is to throw a dress or skirt into the mix! Search "prairie dress photography" on Pinterest for inspiration.

Oversized shirts


Okay, hear me out on this one. These babies are all the rage and for good reason. First, let me start off my saying oversized doesn't have to mean shapeless, in fact it shouldn't, especially if your waist is one of your best assets! An oversized T or button up can be tied, draped, and pulled off a shoulder to accentuate and add a natural and effortless feel to your photos.



This style trend I am personally very, very pleased with as white sneakers have been a staple in my closet for yeeears. Walkable shoes not only look effortlessly fashionable but and can also give a very candid look to your shoot. We are all about easy, breezy, effortless here so push away the pumps, we don't want to look like we are trying that hard.


casual chic

"Dressed up" doesn't always mean dressed better, especially when it comes to what photographs well! If you want to dress your best, dress like YOU. You'll be the most comfortable and move the most naturally.

get messy

Wind, water, messy hair; all elements to add interest to your photo shoot and make your photos unique. Let's dive in.

creamy & dreamy

Neutral colors help create a feeling of calmness and wide open spaces. I love to stay true to natural colors, creamy whites, and a balance between cool highlights and warm shadows.