So thankful you are here!

Hi, I'm Gaby!

Let's get to know each other! I'll start.

People call me Gaby which is short for Gabrielle (Gab-Ree-Elle). After one too many substitute teacher roll calls, I think it's probably important to start there. I am a self taught photographer with a love for effortless style & natural beauty.

My favorite color is white and I love a good natural neutrals color pallet (google it). You'll notice the overarching theme to all things that I love is "natural". This runs true through everything from my makeup preferences, to posing strategies, to outfit recommendations. I just find something extra beautiful about things just the way God made them, ya know? Especially, you.

You will get the same amount of good out of this world as you put in it.




zodiac sign

I’m obsessed with

the beach


role model

my favorite season is

taylor swift <3


favorite animal

my favorite song is



xo, gaby

my best quality

true to my word

Some stuff you need to know about me

Mood Board: My Essentials

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Urban decay secret agent lipstick, white florals, gold jewelry, white silk, ocean sand, sun, art

l ’art de la memoire

The biggest expression of who I am is capturing you.

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